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Caribbean Weddings FAQ

When will I receive our marriage certificate?
When you receive your marriage certificate depends on the island where you choose to get married – in some instances you may be given a copy to take with you, in other it may be a few weeks before you receive the certificate. Our experts will be able to advise you in more detail.

What is the best way to travel to the Caribbean with a wedding dress?
Of course your wedding dress is a precious item, and we would strongly advise that you discuss transporting your dress directly with your airline, as each has varying policies and advice on the best way to transport your wedding dress.

Who will assist us with our wedding arrangements once we arrive?
Each of our hotels will have a dedicated wedding coordinator that will meet you on arrival at the resort and will be guiding you through your wedding arrangements step by step.

Is our wedding legal in the country where we reside?
Marriages performed in the Caribbean are legally binding. If you have any queries regarding name change procedures and other related questions, you should inquire with your local government.

Can we choose from different types of ceremonies for our wedding?
It is most usual for a non-denominational minister to preside over the weddings ceremonies, however, if you wish to, please ask us about having a non-religious ceremony (with a justice of the peace) or a religious ceremony. These may be at an additional cost and we would be happy to discuss your options in more detail.

Are there any special inclusions for weddings with a group of rooms?
Many of our hotels have special offers for group bookings and bookings that include a larger number of room nights in total. You can see the special offers available on the individual hotel pages, or if you would like suggestions on hotels with good offers for group bookings, just ask our experts!

Can I bring down my own wedding décor items and favours?
Although you are more than welcome to bring any items and favours, we would not recommend this. Custom laws will require you to pay taxes and duties on these kinds of items, or they could be confiscated if they are deemed to be ‘commercial items’. Some hotels may also charge a set up fee for using your own items. All of our resorts work hard to create the wedding of your dreams and we are certain that you won’t be disappointed with the decorations provided for you.

We would like to book our honeymoon, should I use my married or maiden name?
The name you use to book your tickets must be in the same name that is shown on your passport. In the rare likelihood that you have been able to change your passport quickly after the wedding, use your new married name. If not, and as applies in most cases, use your maiden name until you are able to update your passport.

Do you do wedding lists?
At present, family and friends can contribute towards your wedding and honeymoon, or purchase experiences for you by calling us on 01752 880 890 or emailing

What documents are required to get married in the Caribbean?
Requirements vary from island to island, and you will find a full list of the documents needed on each island information page. If you are uncertain of any requirements, our experts will be happy to talk you through what is needed to plan your dream wedding in any of our locations.

How do our guests book?
Anyone that would like to attend your wedding should contact us, and the expert that is looking after your wedding booking will coordinate the stay for your guests too.

Will we need witnesses for getting married in the Caribbean?
All islands require that you have two witnesses for the wedding ceremony – if you are travelling alone with your partner, many of our hotels provide witnesses if required.

Can we add extras to our wedding package?
Most of our wedding packages include everything you could want for a perfect wedding day, but of course if you would like to make it truly unique or have any special requirements there are many add-ons that can be arranged, from extra photography, music, catering, flowers and beauty treatments. Our experts will be able to advise you in further detail and you can find what is included already in the wedding packages on each hotel page.

Should we buy additional insurance for our wedding?
We recommend that you research and purchase adequate insurance that covers not only your holiday, but the wedding element too.

If we are having a delayed honeymoon would the honeymoon offers still apply?
Most of our honeymoon offers are valid within a certain time period after your wedding day (usually 3 or 6 months) and hotels do ask that you bring a copy of your wedding certificate with you on your honeymoon for confirmation. If there are exceptional circumstances for the delay, please let us know and we would be happy to contact the hotel to see if they would allow any honeymoon offers to be applied, although unfortunately we are not able to guarantee that this will be allowed.

Can we book just the wedding or do we have to book flights and accommodation?
It is rare that hotels offer a stand-alone wedding package for non-guests, but a handful of our hotels sometimes offer this option. If you have seen a hotel you like and wish to look into a wedding only package, please contact one of our experts who will be able to advise you further.

What will our wedding package include?
Each hotel offers its own package and inclusions, you can find out what is included by looking at the hotel’s page on our website.

How much does a wedding cost?
This varies on the hotel you choose and the time of year that you wish to travel. Some of our hotels offer free wedding packages when you book a certain number of nights or a certain room type, so please contact us for advice on the best value options. We are able to create beautiful weddings and honeymoons to meet most budgets, so please get in contact with your requirements and we would be happy to help.

If we have friends and family staying at another resort are they allowed to attend our wedding?
We would look at this on a case-by-case basis, as each hotel has its own policies regarding weddings. Most will offer day passes to guests staying at other hotels and these passes could be added into your wedding package. However, if your wedding is being held at an adults only resort, it is very unlikely that children staying at another resort will be able to attend.

Can I have a sunset cruise for all my guests?
Some hotels offer a sunset cruise for the wedding couple as part of the wedding package. At other hotels, it would be available as an add-on for either just the couple or for a group of guests. For more information about this, please contact us.

Are hair and beauty appointments available on the day?
Most of our hotels offer a wide selection of additional services and facilities for your wedding day, and many of them have a spa in-resort, meaning that hair, beauty and spa treatments are available for the bride and groom. Such treatments would need to be booked in advance. Some hotels even offer certain services as part of the wedding package, but for more information, check out the hotel’s page on our website or call us on 01752 880 890

Can we choose our own music for the wedding?
Again, this varies from hotel to hotel, as some hotel wedding packages include live music (usually either saxophone or steel drums / pans) as part of the wedding package. If not, you should be able to choose your own music or hire musicians if you wish, the hotel wedding coordinator will be able to help you organize this.